“Crediting ROLD Design, the physical and digital design firm that spearheaded the project, Swedish Covenant CEO Anthony Guaccio says the clinic didn't cost any more to create than a conventional health center would have.”

“The overall experience and vision for both the physical and digital creation of The Clark was designed by Gillian Ryan President and CEO, Executive Creative Director of ROLD Design LLC.”

“The Clark isn't a chic new bistro. It's Swedish Covenant Health's Instagram-worthy outpatient clinic. Beyond the gilt-edged waiting room are nine exam rooms and a phlebotomy lab, among other traditional, yet posh, health center fixtures. The 3,500-square-foot clinic, scheduled to open Feb. 28, is just one example of a trend that's sweeping the healthcare industry.”

“This is really where healthcare is going as people are looking for a great experience as opposed to the dread of going to the doctor’s office. Everything that was done in the design of The Clark was done to cater to that idea so we can care for each patient.”